AI Chatbots With Amazon Lex

Virtual agent chatbots from Qalius give your customers instant access to support without the inconvenience of logging into a portal or waiting for a live agent. Qalius builds virtual agent chatbots using Amazon Lex, the service from AWS that powers Alexa, and enables the virtual agent to fulfil customer requests by connecting it to the systems that power your business.

Focus your live agents on sensitive support cases by configuring a virtual agent to resolve routine cases
Facilitate self-service by integrating the chatbot with other systems that provide information and execute requests
Achieve very low cost per case and get to market fast using the natural-languagecapabilities of Amazon Lex

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A chatbot emerging from a mobile device.

Enable Self-Service

Qalius works with your team to identify the customer requests that are best suited to self-service via a virtual agent chatbot. Qalius configures Amazon Lex to recognize those customer intentions and conduct conversations to gather supporting information.

Configure Case Resolutions

Qalius works with your team to embed the virtual agent chatbot into your website or customer portal and securely connect the chatbot to the systems that store data and execute requests.

Practically any business logic and workflow can be implemented with the AWS compute and data services.

Contact Centre Integration

Qalius implements seamless escalation from the virtual agent to your live agents while preserving case context so your customers can get the support that suits their issue and their preferences.

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