Automation is the Key

At Qalius we believe that the best support ticket experience is no support ticket at all. That is why web application support from Qalius focuses on maintenance of the autoscaling and self-healing architectures that ensure your application automatically copes with whatever your business throws at it. Whether traffic levels rise unexpectedly, or, dare we say, an element of the hosting solution fails, your web application will automatically respond to maintain service levels to your customers.

Smart Monitoring

Qalius uses monitoring solutions built for the cloud, monitoring that reacts in real-time to the changes in an autoscaling and self-healing web application. Monitoring solutions from Qalius fall into three categories…

Availability Monitoring

Your web application is monitored every minute of day or night with automatic alerts to Qalius if the application becomes unavailable. This monitoring checks application availability the same way your customers and offsite employees will experience it, from the public internet, not from within the AWS cloud.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Qalius monitors a wide range of parameters of the underlying infrastructure and platform services to catch problems before they impact your application.

Functional Monitoring

Qalius monitoring of your web application will dive deep into the application to make sure critical functions are working. Functional testing can assess the application as seen by practically any platform and browser.

Compliant Compliance

Qalius uses code and automation to manage your cloud data centre because this is the only way to ensure compliance requirements are met. Tools such as infrastructure-as-code, intrusion detection, continuous log capture and review, and machine-learning to set monitoring baselines all ensure your application stays compliant.

Incident Management and Remediation

When something does go wrong, Qalius has your back. Qalius will investigate from the application layer down to the underlying infrastructure. As software developers, we can remediate incidents wherever they occur. And Qalius is fully-backed by AWS for the problems that only AWS can address.

We put our money behind it

Eligible web applications deployed to a high-availability architecture in Amazon Web Services (AWS) are guaranteed to be 99.99% available, backed by financial penalty should we fail to deliver.

99.99% availability guranteed