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Qalius is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner helping Canadian companies through smart monitoring, autoscaling and self-healing architectures with 24 x 7 x 365 incident remediation.

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What We Do

Helping Canadian Companies Support AWS Cloud Applications

We believe that the best support ticket is no support ticket at all! That is why our cloud application support services focus on the autoscaling and self-healing architectures that prevent downtime regardless of fluctuating traffic levels or hosting infrastructure failures. If you are looking for a team to help your application cope with whatever your business throws at it, that team is Qalius!

Our Approach

Smart Monitoring

Qalius uses monitoring solutions built for the cloud — monitoring that reacts in real-time to the changes in an autoscaling and self-healing web application. Monitoring solutions from Qalius fall into three categories…

Availability Monitoring

Your web application is monitored every minute of the day or night with automatic alerts to Qalius if the application becomes unavailable. In the event of operational or systemic problems, we provide unmatched response times.


Infrastructure Monitoring

Qalius monitors a wide range of parameters of the underlying infrastructure and platform services to catch problems before they impact your application.


Functional Monitoring

Qalius dives deep and makes sure all critical functions are working properly for end users. Functional testing can assess the application as seen by practically any platform and browser.

Compliance That’s Compliant

Qalius uses code and automation to manage your cloud data centre because this is the only way to ensure compliance requirements are met.

Tools such as:

Incident Management and Remediation

When something does go wrong, Qalius has your back.

Qalius will investigate from the application layer down to the underlying infrastructure. As software developers, we can remediate incidents whenever and wherever they occur, even outside normal business hours. And Qalius is fully backed by AWS for the problems that only AWS technical support engineers can address.

We put our money behind it

Eligible web applications deployed to a high-availability architecture in Amazon Web Services (AWS) are guaranteed to be 99.99% available, backed by financial penalty should we fail to deliver.
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We Are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Verified knowledge, experience, and customer success

Qalius is an Advanced Consulting Partner in the Amazon Partner Network (APN). Advanced Consulting Partners meet demanding knowledge, experience, and customer success requirements.

Solution Provider

Qalius is authorized to deliver complete solutions that combine services from Qalius with consumption-based pay-as-you-go billing for AWS services.

Public Sector Partner

Qalius is authorized to deliver solutions on AWS to public-sector customers in Canada including governments, not-for-profit entities, and healthcare providers.

Immersion Day Partner

APN Immersion Days are workshops to introduce your employees to the AWS platform using presentations and hands-on labs prepared by AWS Solutions Architects. Qalius is an authorized Amazon Partner Network (APN) Immersion Day partner.

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

“Qalius was able to quickly understand the key business needs and turn around a solution that met our requirements. I was impressed with the professionalism and appreciate them meeting the timeline.”

Denis Peyregatt, Vice President and General Manager
Sym-Tech Auto Finance Inc.

“The solution from Qalius is solid and secure. The Qalius software, running on AWS, is enabling us to grow without any concern for how fast we add customers and transactions.”

Richard Kopman, CEO
Pllenty Payment Solutions Inc.

“I run my business on Qalius software because they implement the changes I need as my business grows. Qalius acts like part of my team, and I won’t use anybody else.”

Ali Ebrahim, Chairman

ITC Grain International Inc.

“I call Qalius my Canada Pros because they give me the answers I need before I even know what to ask.”

Qasim Habib, CEO
Quality Punch Inc.

“The Qalius team are true professionals, a pleasure to work with. They just get it.”

Ryan Swift, Owner
Micrylium Laboratories Inc.

“The Qalius deployment to AWS is a key contribution to the automation of CCIL certification programs. We love working with Dan and the highly professional team at Qalius and we hope to do more projects with them.”

Nabil Kamel,
Program Manager
CCIL Certification Programs

“Thank you sincerely for clearly outlining our options. Communication and responsiveness are some of the most impressive aspects of working with Qalius!”

Wei Wong,
Marketing Strategist,
Arani Systems Corp.

“Qalius was great to work with. They responded very quickly to our time-sensitive needs with expert solutions that fit our circumstances. We have been very happy with how responsive and proactive they have been.”

Woodrow Rosenbaum,
Founder and CEO,
With Intent (GIV3 Foundation)

“The Qalius team was extremely helpful and responsive. We were working within a tight timeline and they came through for us. With good fortune we will be working with them again in the near future.”

Will Harris,
VP Sales,

“Qalius was able to quickly, confidently, and effectively lift-and-shift the entire stack into AWS without a hitch. The team at Qalius are a pleasure to work with.”

Mike Greenspan, Development Manager
Enthusiast Gaming

“Qalius was extremely responsive and flexible while developing our website. This was especially appreciated as we were responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. They took the time to answer all of our questions and to understand our needs and direction.”

GinaBeth Roberts,
Regional Manager of Editorial
and Digital Communications Horizon Health Network

“The Qalius team did a great job implementing Amazon QuickSight from the start to the end. Their level of expertise on AWS is exceptional. We look forward to future collaborations.”

Florian Allkanjari, VP Technology Operations

“Qalius came highly recommended to us by AWS. Involving them early in the concept development stage of Picturethis3D was one of our best decisions. Their service is always friendly and highly professional.”

Eevi Jensen, Founder and CEO

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