Amazon Quicksight Analytics

Data-driven organizations are embedding analytics throughout their operations with the Amazon QuickSight serverless business intelligence service. As members of the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Service Delivery Program for Amazon QuickSight, Qalius has proven experience using Amazon QuickSight to drive business outcomes.

Embed BI analytics dashboards in your custom applications, integrated with practically any data source
Pay for the analytics you actually use for a cost-effective solution that allows you to scale instantly

Advanced features like identity federation, row-level security, and machine-learning (ML) insights

Embedded QuickSight Insights

Qalius works with your team to embed Amazon QuickSight dashboards in your application. Identify federation and user lifecycle management give your end-users seamless visualization of business insights in the applications they are using today. With the use of filters and parameters, users can easily access the metrics they need to track business success.

Powerful QuickSight Analytics

Qalius works with your team to build dashboards that bring your data to life. Incorporate Amazon QuickSight ML Insights for forecasting, anomaly detection of key metrics, and automatically generated natural-language narratives.

Data Lakes and Data Preparation

A few lines of code from Qalius will connect your data to Amazon QuickSight. Practically any data source — relational or non-relational database, text files, spreadsheets, or Amazon Redshift — yields insights with help from AWS services such as Amazon Athena and AWS Glue.

Case Study

See how Qalius and Dealer-FX used a data lake architecture and a serverless data pipeline to embed Amazon QuickSight dashboards in the Dealer-FX application suite.


$ 11,500
  • User account creation
  • One dashboard
  • One relational database source in AWS
  • Secure connection to data source
  • Additional five hours consulting
  • Two hours training


$ 35,000
  • User account creation
  • Three dashboards
  • Embedded dashboard publisher portal
  • Two relational database sources in AWS
  • One data lake source in Amazon S3
  • In-memory encrypted cache
  • Secure connection to data sources
  • Integration with Amazon VPC
  • Row-level security
  • Additional twenty-five hours consulting
  • Four hours training


Ask us about implementing these additional features to make your QuickSight deployment ready for any enterprise application.
  • Identity federation
  • Groups and namespaces
  • User license lifecycle management
  • Serverless ETL
  • Data lake formation
  • Column-level security
  • Table calculation functions
  • Additional data preparation consulting
  • Additional dashboard embedding consulting
  • QuickSight logging and monitoring
  • Data pipeline logging and monitoring
  • ML Insights
  • Amazon QuickSight Q
  • Presentation themes
  • Cost forecasting and management

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