Website Visitors

The Qalius website uses cookies to help the website present the most relevant information to website visitors. Qalius also uses third-party analytics platforms to gather anonymous data about visitors to the website such as their location, characteristics of their browser, and which website content they are accessing.

Qalius will only attempt to contact a website visitor if the visitor completes a form with their contact information. Contact information gathered in this way is the only information that Qalius will retain with the intent of identifying a specific website visitor and company affiliations.

Qalius Prospective Customers

While selling services, Qalius may acquire information about prospective customers, their company affiliations, and their business. Interpretation of this information may appear in Qalius internal paperwork and systems, and may be shared with the customer in proposals or contracts. All this information is managed according to the Qalius information security policy to ensure customer information privacy.

Qalius may disclose to partners, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), that Qalius is in discussion with a prospective customer if the Qalius solution uses the partner’s services.

Qalius Customers

Customers who engage Qalius to deliver services will typically involve Qalius in the management of data related to the customer’s business and the customer’s customers. The Qalius role in maintaining the privacy of these data is governed by the contracts between Qalius and the customer, and also by the Qalius information security policy, which may be reviewed by Qalius customers.


Qalius marketing materials, including the Qalius website, may disclose the identity of Qalius customers and quote their feedback on Qalius services. These disclosures are made only with prior customer consent.

Customer Communication

If the Qalius management team makes a reasonable determination that Qalius has failed to meet a prospective customer’s or an actual customer’s reasonable expectations of Qalius’ adherence to this policy, then Qalius will notify the customer promptly.


If you have questions about this privacy policy, you are welcome to contact Qalius at