Real Time Insights from Amazon QuickSight

Qalius custom web applications integrate with your existing data sources to enable your business to run more efficiently. So it is only natural that the application would incorporate Amazon QuickSight dashboards to visualize and control your operations in real time.

Punch Out for Powerful Analytics

When your curiosity can only be satisfied by building your own analytics, punch out from your custom Qalius application into Amazon QuickSight. QuickSight scales automatically to support one or many thousands of curious end users.

Data Lakes and Data Preparation

On the AWS platform a few lines of code from Qalius bring your existing data sources to life. Practically any data source — relational or non-relational database, text files, or spreadsheets — can yield insights with just a dash of programming.

“I run my business on Qalius software because they implement the changes I need as my business grows. Qalius acts like part of my team, and I won’t use anybody else.”

Ali Ebrahim, Chairman
ITC Grain International Inc.

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